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    • 01/20/2018
    • 9:00 AM - 10:30 PM
    • Webinar
    Introduction to FOREX Trading

    Nathan Gaub/Frank Tombarelli  of

    (941) 779-6928

    Seattle, Washington area

    Saturday Webinar: 01/20/2018

    09:00 AM – 10:30 AM

    Questions and Answers from 10:00 AM – 10:30AM.

    This webinar will be held on GoToWebinar. The webinar link will be in the confirmation email for completed registrations.

    Nathan Gaub is a unique story in the financial world. From a background in music entertainment he went into the business world. After a 10-year stint in corporate America, he started trading. He was attracted to foreign exchange trading (FOREX) from the start. Alone, he could find no strong mentoring to really get him in motion. So, he decided to train himself, with only the web and about 200 books he started learning. Nathan is well versed in a handful of major currency pairs along with a few simple technical indicators, oscillators and of course world news on currency and politics to make low risk, high reward day trading profitable.


    In about 13 months he started with a live account of less than $2,000.00. 18 months later he quit a high paying job, bought a large RV with a satellite internet dish and started traveling the US stopping to trade at night. A few friends wanted him to teach them, so he helped them get started.


    The short story is that the initial group grew into around 4000 students. He guides them through the London open 3 to 5 nights a week, teaches them in weekly classes, teaches an elite group of pros and still finds the time to consult for some large currency funds and investment companies’ worldwide. He just returned from the Ukraine where he consults for some large forex concerns.


    Additional FOREX associate of Nathan's is Frank Tombarelli. Frank has been married almost 28 years and has two children. Frank spent over 11 years in the Aerospace Industry, and although it was interesting, he felt he had a lot more to contribute to peoples lives. His path crossed with some key FX Traders with the Gaub brothers in August 2009 and the changes in his life have been totally amazing! He has not only bettered his life in every way, but is helping other people to change the quality of their life as well.  Forex enables people to achieve enormous personal growth, provide for their families in abundance, and live a more balanced lifestyle. Frank traded those 70 hour Aerospace work weeks for 20+ hour weeks. Forex has changed his life forever. Find success duplicate and keep it simple.

    • 02/02/2018
    • 12:00 PM - 3:30 PM (PST)
    • Johns Grill, 63 Ellis St., San Francisco, CA
    • 72

    TSAA-SF Annual Round-Up Luncheon
    Friday, Feb. 2nd Noon-3:30PM

    3rd floor

    John’s Grill

    63 Ellis St.

    San Francisco

    Cost $75


    Come join us at the famous John’s Grill off of Union Square on Ground Hog Day to look ahead at what the markets may bring in the New Year.  We have the following speakers sharing where they see the markets heading in 2018.  Jonathan and Jim will be as interesting and insightful as always, and we are very lucky to have Paul Andrew come all the way from Maui to speak with us.  Paul is a long time investor and an expert in the cryptocurrency markets, and he may bring along a couple of local crypto-expert colleagues to join the discussion.  Trust me… do NOT want to miss this lunch…….we are all sure to learn a lot of new information.


    So, please sign yourself and a guest up ASAP to ensure that you get a seat.


    Jonathan Ravel:

    Pivots….2017 Review and 2018 Outlook


    Jim Forte:

    Brave New World?


    Paul Andrew:

    So, we’ve killed Bitcoin, now what?



    Delicious 3 Course Lunch

    Red Snapper or Chicken Dijonnaise



    Lunch Salad



    Pacific Red Snapper - Grilled, beurre blanc

    Chicken Dijonnaise - Sauteed with mushrooms, wine, garlic and Dijon cream



    Housemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

    Coffee/Herbal Tea


    A bottle of wine will be provided for every table.

    Anything additional will be available at the cash bar.

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