The TSAA-SF, formed in 1970, is the oldest society in the United States devoted to the study and development of technical analysis of stocks and commodities. Membership in the TSAA-SF is open to individuals who are interested in technical analysis as part of their investment strategy. Annual dues provide members with invitations and discounts for seminars, meetings, and luncheons, as well as a subscription to the Quarterly newsletter. The TSAA-SF is a nonprofit organization with over 100 members, including individual investors, professional money managers, research analysts and financial consultants. TSAA-SF is a volunteer association of investors interested in the use of technical analysis as a part of a financial trading strategy.

Objectives of the Association's activities are:

To learn new techniques and systems in order to identify and forecast trends in the markets.
To exchange new ideas and forecasts of trends in the markets.
To learn and apply effective money management and risk-control techniques in investments.

To achieve these goals, the Association sponsors a series of activities throughout the year. Regular meetings offer members a forum for ideas and experiences.
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