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Program Description

How will individual investors/traders benefit from the TSAA-SF study guide and exam?
The TSAA-SF study guide and exam is an educational self-study course emphasizing a systematic approach to Technical Analysis. By taking this course you can improve your confidence and skill level in making investment and/or trading decisions. You will also have the opportunity to document your progress through the material in the study guide and test your knowledge of the subject matter. Finally, you will receive a TSAA-SF Certificate of Completion after successfully passing the exam.

What is the best way to study for the TSAA-SF certification exam?
The first step in studying for the TSAA-SF certification exam is to sequentially read through the study guide and take the PDF quiz at the end of each section to test your comprehension of the material. Once you have read through all of the sections and completed the PDF quizzes, you can register for the exam and take the practice exam. After completing the practice exam you will receive feedback on your performance in each section. You can then go back through the material and review areas that require more study prior to taking the final exam.

How can I use StockCharts.com and ChartSchool to study for the TSAA-SF exam?
The TSAA-SF study guide and all resources needed on the ChartSchool section of StockCharts.com to prepare for the exam are available for FREE. The TSAA-SF study guide gives you a sequential process for navigating through the ChartSchool. Also, you can practice your knowledge of the concepts using real-time charts on StockCharts.com while you advance through the material.

When will the Advanced portion of the Study Guide be available?
The Advanced portion of the Study Guide is presently NOT a part of the Practice and Final TSAASF Exams and is not available online at this time. The Advanced material will be posted in the near future and will be formally announced during 2019.  


A trader-analyst's worst enemies are forever boring from within. Those enemies are "ignorance, fear, greed, and hope". To combat and subdue those enemies, the good trader-analyst must convince himself/herself that he/she really does possess a knowledge of the basic tools of Technical Market Analysis. Too often, a reliable "convincer strategy" is lacking.

The TSAA-SF Study Guide and Examinations are designed to be the best, the most convincing package of the basic tools of market analysis available to the individual trader-analyst. The Study Guide is a handy, easy to use catalog of the most commonly used charts, patterns, indicators and techniques. Included are line charts, patterns, point-and-figure charts, and Japanese Candlestick charts. The Examinations are designed to test and drive home the knowledge of these basic tools. They are used in trend, trading range and turning point analyses for short, intermediate and longer time frames.

All of the foregoing were reviewed and approved by members of the TSAA-SF to assure the highest standards of quality and integrity.
- Henry "Hank" Pruden, Ph.D., Chairman, TSAA-SF and Professor, 
Golden Gate University

Start your Technical Analysis Education with TSAA-SF now!

Step1: Sequentially read through each section of the study guide material and test your knowledge by taking the PDF quiz at the end of each section. 

TSAASF Study Guide

Step 2: once you are finished with ALL of the study guide sections, proceed to taking a full length.

Practice Exam

Step 3: Take the final Certificate Exam and receive the TSAA-SF Certificate of Completion afte successfully finishing the exam.

Final Exam

The final exam is accessible by TSAA-SF members only. Please become a member here: tsaasf.org/join-us
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