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Section 6: Using Candlesticks

As we studied with Price Patterns in the previous section, the application of Candlestick patterns takes more than simply recognizing them. There are many individual patterns one can learn, some common and some very rare – both in terms of practical application and occurrence. It is also possible to blend Japanese Candlestick analysis with other, Western Technical Analysis methods to confirm signals.

More Candlestick Patterns

In addition to the basic candlestick patterns we covered previously, there are plenty of others that work very well.

Additional Candlestick Patterns:


Simply identifying patterns is not all there is to using Candlesticks. There are important considerations to applying Candlestick patterns successfully, listed below.

Use with other technical indicators:

Candlesticks and Support/Resistance:

Blending Candlestick Patterns:


Unique as a method of plotting price data, the Heikin-Ashi method is an altered form of Candlesticks that has its own rules and special applications.

Candlesticks and Volume

The concept of Equivolume charting can be applied to Candlesticks, too. Here are two methods.


Arms CandleVolume:

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