The technical analyst (IFTA Colleague) must maintain at all times the highest standards of professional conduct. Implicit in the requirement is strict compliance with the laws of the national, state and local governments which have jurisdiction over the analysts' professional activities. The analyst shall also obey the regulations of his/her local stock exchange and/or local regulatory authorities.

The analyst shall not make statements which he/she knows or has reason to believe are inaccurate or misleading. He/she shall, in particular, be careful to avoid leading the audience to believe that his/her technically-derived views of future stock price behavior reflect foreknowledge rather than estimate and projections subject to re-examinations and, as circumstances may dictate, to change.

The analyst shall not make statements concerning the current technical position of the stock market of any of its components or any of its aspects unless he/she can demonstrate that such statements are reasonable and consistent in light of the available evidence and the accumulated knowledge in the field of technical analysis. New departure in technical analysis as well as modifications of existing techniques or concepts should be fully documented as to procedure and rationale.
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