TSAA-SF Study Guide & Certified Exam

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Section 7: Point & Figure

In the introduction to Point & Figure, we learned how to construct these unique chart and what sets them apart from normal Bar or Candlestick charts. Now we will learn how to apply certain trading rules and special adaptations of P&F charts that can be used to estimate price objectives.

Using other indicators with Point & Figure charts

Much like with Candlesticks, we can apply some other Technical Analysis concepts alongside P&F charts to help confirm trend direction, reversals and estimates of price objectives.

Point & Figure Indicators:

More advanced P&F Patterns

We learned how to observe a bullish breakout and bearish breakdown in a P&F chart during the introduction, but there are other more advanced patterns one can apply.

Typically P&F charts are plotted with a description of what type of pattern is currently in play, such as a Double Top Breakout or a Bullish Catapult Breakout.

Price Objectives

Point & Figure charts can be used to obtain price objectives, or targets, based on rules.

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