The TSAA-SF, formed in 1970, is the oldest society in the United States devoted to the study and development of technical analysis of stocks and commodities.

Membership in the TSAA-SF is open to individuals who are interested in technical analysis as part of their investment strategy. Annual dues provide members with invitations and discounts for seminars, meetings, and luncheons, as well as a subscription to the Quarterly newsletter.  The TSAA-SF is a nonprofit organization with over 100 members, mostly individual investors and professional money managers.

TSAA-SF is a member organization of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).  The International Federation of Technical Analysts is a global organization of market analysis professionals. This not-for-profit professional organization unites all the world's technical societies. Currently, IFTA encompasses eighteen member countries from every important financial center around the globe. Some countries included are the United States of America, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The organizations represented by this diverse group of countries include prestigious societies such as the Nippon Technical Analyst Association of Tokyo, Society of Technical Analysts in the United Kingdom, and Association Mexicana de Analistas of Mexico.  TSAA-SF is a member of this prestigious group.

Past Presidents

The following distinguished members of TSAA-SF served as President of this organization and made significant contributions to technical analysis and this community. We are grateful for there past and continued support of TSAA-SF.

 Year  President  Affiliation When President
 Paul Ferwerda (Founder)  Bank of America
 Peter Ney Bennett   William Hutchinson & Co.
 1972  James Curtis  San Francisco Investment Corp.
 1973  Wilfred R. George, PhD  Bache & Co.
 1974  Al Shams  Individual Investor
 1975  Joe D. Turner  Dean Witter & Co.
 1976  John Cooper  Individual Investor
 1977  Vincent L. Schantz  Henry F. Swift & Co.
 1978  Henry O. Pruden, PhD  Golden Gate University
 1979  Richard G. Osmun  Kidder Peabody & Co.
 1980  Barbara Merklin  Individual Investor
 1981  Frederick W. Collins  Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc.
 1982  Tom A. Dowse  Dowse Securities Management Corp.
 1983  Richard H. Delbridge  L. F. Rothschild, Unterberg, Towbin
 1984  Kent N. Mastores  Individual Investor
 1985  Malcolm S. Watts  Henry F. Swift & Co.
 1986  G. Richard Elston  Individual Investor
 1987  Shon Saleh  Kidder Peabody & Co.
 1988  Bruce Fraser  Diablo Capital Management
 1989  Cindy Keel  MMS International
 1990  Gerald P. Butrimovitz, PhD  Gerald Butrimovitz Financial Services
 1991  Brian A. Lockwood  Dagley & Lockwood Trading Co.
 1992  Mark L. Edelstone  Prudential Securities
 1993  Tom Larson  Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
 1994  Mark P. Farrell  Prudential Securities
 1995  Gatis N. Roze  Stratton Roze & Associates
 1996  Lisa A. Costa  Franklin Resources
 1997  Brent L. Leonard  Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
 1998  Robert L. Bergey  Individual Investor
 1999  Charles Bolton  Robertson Stevens & Co.
 2000  James R. Reid  Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
 2001  James Forte  Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
 Henry O. Pruden, PhD  Golden Gate University
 2003  Henry O. Pruden, PhD  Golden Gate University
 2004  David Wood  Individual Investor
 2005  David Wood  Individual Investor
 2006  Grace Ryan  ISU
 2007  Henry O. Pruden, PhD  Golden Gate University
 2008  Henry O. Pruden, PhD  Golden Gate University
 2009  Henry O. Pruden, PhD  Golden Gate University
 2010  Henry O. Pruden, PhD  Golden Gate University
 2011  Larry Amernick  
 2012  Larry Amernick  
 2013  Bart Pestarino
 2014  Roman Bogomazov  Golden Gate University
 2015  Roman Bogomazov   Golden Gate University
 2016  Shawn Hallum  Individual Investor
 2017  Shawn Hallum  Individual Investor
 2018  Shawn Hallum  Individual Investor
 2019  Shawn Hallum  Individual Investor
 2020  Shawn Hallum  Individual Investor
 2021  Anuj Batra  Individual Investor
 2022  Anuj Batra  Individual Investor

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