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Gary Fullett: Where to Look for Trades Using Wyckoff Principles

  • 03/21/2019
  • 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Webinar


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Gary Fullett at LTG Trading: Where to Look for Trades Using Wyckoff Principles

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Mar 21, 2019 at 5:30 PM PT

Wyckoff Trader and Educator, Gary Fullett will present; 'Where to Look for Trades Using Wyckoff Principles'. He will demonstrate where to look for trades on the right hand side of the trading range. He will give us examples using the current markets.

More details:

The Wyckoff Method has three “laws” that define trading:

  • Effort vs. Result
  • Cause vs. Effect
  • Demand vs. Supply
Five trading steps Wyckoff followed. 

1) Determine the trend and the position of 
the stock or commodity.
2) Determine the relative strength or 
weakness of the stock or commodity.
3) Trade the stock or commodity that gives 
you the best chance for profit.
4) Determine the readiness of a stock or 
commodity to move up or move down.
5) Time the trade of the individual stock or 
commodity relative to the general 
underlying market.

Volume and price are the only two indictors that are live and instantaneous. Other "indicators" are lagging, meaning something has to happen with price for them to give their indication. If one is to make a a decision, its always preferable to have the latest information, data, or other evaluative things to make that decision. That's what price and volume allows.

Being a former CME floor trader. Gary Fullett has seen the order flows from larger and small clients and understands the mechanisms and functions that the market serves.
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