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Volume Price Analysis

  • 02/27/2016
  • 11:00 AM
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February Webinar:  Improve your trading success using VPA (Volume Price Analysis) with Anna and David Coulling

On Feb. 27th at 11AM, TSAA-SF will host Anna and David Coulling who will be discussing Volume Price Analysis (VPA).

Anna Coulling is a full time currency, commodities and equities trader. Anna’s approach to the market is unique. She takes a three dimensional view, based on technical, fundamental and relational analysis. This powerful approach, when combined with price action and candle patterns, has given her a deep and detailed knowledge of the forces that drive the financial markets, which is then reflected in the underlying market sentiment.

David Coulling day trades most markets including the indices, commodities and forex. David also develops and programs trading tools and indicators. Anna has written many books (all available on Amazon), but if you could read just one, she recommends ‘A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis’. The reason being is that once you have mastered this methodology, it can be applied to all markets and all instruments and will then underpin your approach to trading using other technical indicators. In other words, this is the foundation on which your trading analysis is built – everything else just helps confirm your analysis.

In this TSAA-SF webinar, Anna and David will go over their trading approach and go into detail on how to use Volume Price Analysis (VPA) in your own trading. Please join us for this interesting and informative webinar.

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