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"Money Anxiety" with Dan Geller

Friday, May 13th 4-6PM

Golden Gate University, Rm 3214

The January preliminary Money Anxiety Index improved 1.3 points to 62.2 despite market volatility in the U.S. and abroad in the first week of the new year. The decrease in the level of money anxiety is in part due to a robust December jobs report adding 292,000 non-farm jobs. Job gains were strong in the service sectors such as professional & business, education & health and leisure & hospitality.

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About The Money Anxiety Index

The Money Anxiety Index measures the level of consumers' financial worry and stress based on their spending and savings pattern. Historically, the Money Anxiety Index fluctuated from a high of 135.3 during the recession of the early 1980s, to a low of 38.7 in the mid 1960s. 


The Money Anxiety Index functions as an early-warning system to shifts in the economy, allowing financial advisors to react in time to changes in the economic cycle. The Money Anxiety Index Is highly predictive. It predicted the arrival of the Great Recession over a year prior to the official declaration of the recession in December of 2007.

IFTA Webinar Part 3 of 3:

Analyzing and Trading Markets Using the Wyckoff Method

Date/Time: Wednesday, May 4th from 1-2PM EDT

Presenters: Roman Bogomazov and Bruce Fraser

Event Details/Registration: open via GoToWebinar

This is the final session in a three-part series on the Wyckoff Method presented by Bruce Fraser and Roman Bogomazov, two nationally recognized experts who teach the Wyckoff Method of trading and investing at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.  Previously they described basic market analytical and trading practices developed by legendary chartist and trader Richard D. Wyckoff, and illustrated in a detailed case study how these techniques can be applied using bar charts.  On May 4th, they will discuss the critical role that Point and Figure (P&F) charts also play in the Wyckoff Method with respect to trade selection, timing and management.

During this presentation, Bruce and Roman will demonstrate how to:

  • Construct a Wyckoff-style P&F chart;
  • Apply Wyckoff P&F count guidelines to estimate price targets and reward/risk ratios of potential trades;
  • Analyze phases on P&F charts to predict short- and longer-term price objectives;
  • Time entries to coincide with a stock's readiness to move out of a trading range;
  • Use "stepping stone" consolidations to confirm price targets and identify when a prior trend will resume; and
  • Combine P&F and bar chart analysis to refine trade entries and exits.

These applications of P&F charts are unique to the Wyckoff Method, and provide an exceptionally informative complement to bar chart analysis.  Traders of all levels of skill and experience will benefit from and enjoy this presentation.

TSAA-SF Annual Conference

August 20th 

Save the date for this all day event featuring Charles Kirkpatrick.

Blogs and the TSAA Library

A new addition to the blog list in the TSAA Library, it's Bruce Fraser's Wyckoff Power Charting.

Also in the library:

  • Articles and Presentations - contributors include William Bassetti, Roman Bogomazov, Brad Brenneise, Jim Forte, Hank Pruden, Brent Leonard and more...

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