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The Money Show

Growth and safety aside, there is perhaps no bigger challenge for investors today than the pursuit of steady income, and a LIVE Webcasts from The World MoneyShow Orlando air February 4-7, then available on-demand through March 1. Viewers will discover a wealth of proven income strategies designed to fit their own distinct needs, risk profile, and time horizon.

We’re talking instant, candid portfolio advice from 45+ of today’s leading income and retirement experts, straight answers to even your most pointed questions, and best of all, real, viable solutions for earning safe, sustainable income streams despite today’s low-return environment.

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Using the Double Helix Structure of DNA to Integrate Wyckoff and Elliott

Inspired by the theme of the IFTA 204 Conference in London, this presentation will show how the two approaches working together are useful for better, more profitable market timing decisions. Hank has prepared twenty slides for the presentation. These were taken from his article that appeared in the Autumn 2014 issues of SAMT ,the Swiss Technical Analysis Journal. Applications to stock market behavior will be offered and encouraged.

Place : Room 6208, Golden Gate University, 536 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA. ;

Date: February 26, 2015 4-6 PM.

TSAA Members: $10 - log into your TSAA account to register

MTA Members: $15

Non members: $20

Space is Limited; please register early. GGU students and faculty are free.

TSAA Review - January 2015

Articles include "Technical Analysis Schedule for GGU 2015", "Cusp Catastrophe Theory, a Model for Technical Analysis", TSAA-SF Study Guide and Exam", "Market Aphorisms" and more.

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TSAASF Membership Renewals

Membership renewal for 2015 has begun. Renew now and:
  • Your next renewal date will be Jan. 1, 2016.
  • Your payment covers all time between your old renewal date AND 2015!
All accounts with renewal dates before 1/1/15 will be adjusted after payment.

Spring Semester Classes in Technical Analysis at Golden Gate

Registration is now open for Spring Semester classes in Technical Analysis at Golden Gate University.
  • FI 352: Technical Analysis of Securities with Martin Pring
  • FI 354: Wyckoff Method I
  • FI 355: Wyckoff Method II
  • FI 358: Technical Market Analysis Strategies
Also, check out the new class FI 498TS: Quantitative Methods for Technical Trading Systems taught by TSAA-SF member Tom McAlone!

CLICK HERE for more information, or contact Dr. Pruden (hpruden@ggu.edu).

Swiss Technical Analysis Journal featuring Hank Pruden

The SAMT Fall 2014 Journal features an article by Dr. Pruden entitled "Using the Double-Helix Structure of DNA to Integrate the Wyckoff Method with the Elliott Wave Principle". CLICK HERE to access a PDF version of the article.

TSAAF Study Guide & Exam



IFTA Webinar:

  • Wednesday, November 5th 1:00pm ET
  • Viktor Pershikov, MFTA
  • "Improve Your Trading with Fibonacci Time Projections (FTP) in FOREX"
  • Info: Register HERE.

Next Annual Conference:

  • Tokyo, October 2015

Latest IFTA Newsletter:

Mohamed Ashraf, CFTe, CETA, MFTA

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