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"Trading ETFs: ETF liquidity Explained" - Elizabeth Kashner

Elisabeth Kashner, CFA, Director of Research at ETF.com, will delve into the nitty gritty of trading ETFs while debunking a few common myths. Elisabeth will explore the various levels of ETF liquidity, including the primary and secondary markets. Topics will include valuation, premiums and discounts, arbitrage opportunities, and best trading practices.

When: April 29, 4:00-5:30pm PDT

Where: Golden Gate University, Room 3208

Registration: coming soon

Elisabeth Kashner, CFA, is ETF.com's director of research. She designs the quantitative and qualitative tools that run the company's ETF.com Analytics product, and also produces original research on critical topics in ETF investing. Elisabeth brings a combination of academic rigor (master's of financial analysis, CFA charter holder) and practical experience in derivatives trading and wealth management. She gained experience with ETF analysis as a quantitative analyst building portfolios for high-net-worth clients.

Wyckoff Market and Stock Structure Webinar

When: April 2, 3:30-5:30pm PDT

Speaker: Roman Bogomazov, Adjunct Professor at GGU

Registration: GoToWebinar.com

Description: This webinar will teach you how to read market structure. Understanding market structure allows you to anticipate coming price action. You will learn to identify and analyze accumulation and distribution – the key trading ranges that power trends. You will also learn Wyckoff trade set-ups based on market structure, how to enter an existing trend, and how to recognize in advance when a trend is likely to end.

TSAA Review - January 2015

Articles include "Technical Analysis Schedule for GGU 2015", "Cusp Catastrophe Theory, a Model for Technical Analysis", TSAA-SF Study Guide and Exam", "Market Aphorisms" and more.

Members: log into your account and find it in the newsletters section of the library. Can't remember your password?

Spring Semester Classes in Technical Analysis at Golden Gate

Registration is now open for Spring Semester classes in Technical Analysis at Golden Gate University.
  • FI 352: Technical Analysis of Securities with Martin Pring
  • FI 354: Wyckoff Method I
  • FI 355: Wyckoff Method II
  • FI 358: Technical Market Analysis Strategies
Also, check out the new class FI 498TS: Quantitative Methods for Technical Trading Systems taught by TSAA-SF member Tom McAlone!

CLICK HERE for more information, or contact Dr. Pruden (hpruden@ggu.edu).

Swiss Technical Analysis Journal featuring Hank Pruden

The SAMT Fall 2014 Journal features an article by Dr. Pruden entitled "Using the Double-Helix Structure of DNA to Integrate the Wyckoff Method with the Elliott Wave Principle". CLICK HERE to access a PDF version of the article.

TSAAF Study Guide & Exam



IFTA Webinar:

  • Wednesday, November 5th 1:00pm ET
  • Viktor Pershikov, MFTA
  • "Improve Your Trading with Fibonacci Time Projections (FTP) in FOREX"
  • Info: Register HERE.

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