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The Roundup at Alfred's - Dec. 11th

Save the date for the annual Roundup at Alfred's Steak House,  659 Merchant St., San Francisco.

Registration is open. This event always sells out, so register now!


  • Jim Forte
  • Larry Americk
  • Jonathan Ravel

About Jim Forte:

As former President and current board member of the TSAA, he is pleased to share his technical market insights to our TSAA members and friends at our annual year end "Round Up". Perspective is the title of his presentation.  In 1998, he developed a model identifying 2008 as the likely peak for the U.S. stock market.  These insights were published in two articles in TradersWorld and on the TSAA web site.  This was also presented at Alfred's in December 2007 prior to the 2008 market debacle.  Since then, much has transpired and he will try to put into perspective where we are now in the larger equation.


Jim Forte has been studying the markets and practicing technical analysis for about 30 years.  His perspective came of age in the 1970's when the concept of the "limits to growth" was brought to the forefront.  In the weekend prior to the 1987 crash, he calculated the crash low to the exact point!  Finding religion in this arcane art known as technical analysis, he joined the TSAA and earned his CMT in 1995.  He began his professional career in 1986 working on the commodity market side before moving to Paine Webber, and then to Charles Schwab where he worked at the firms high end trading desk.  In addition to multiple articles and internationally viewed web conferences through TradesWorld, some of his writings are also available on the TSAA web site.

About Jonathan Ravel:

This year, Jonathan's topic is "Pivots, 2015 Review and 2016 Outlook". How did major pivots defined price action this year for USA benchmark indexes, popular stocks and other asset ETFs in 2015? Also, using pivots to look ahead to 2016.


Jonathan Ravel has been a market blog author and strategist for ten years, and for the last three years has worked as a hedge fund consultant. For free daily SPX / SPY / ES pivot commentary, visit www.thepivotalperspective.com.

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