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Prof. Hank Pruden


A Memorial for Hank Pruden will be held at Golden Gate University on Thursday afternoon September 14.

The Memorial tribute will be held from 4 pm – 5:30 pm in room 2202, the second floor lecture hall.

The reception will directly follow the tribute from 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm on the sixth floor in room 6210-6211.

TSAA Review - Summer 2017 Edition

A brief introduction of this edition:

We have a special contribution in this edition of the TSAASF Review from some promising students of finance, Ariyeh Schmeder, Jing Su, and Joseph Kwok. They have demonstrated their skills with analyzing AAPL using both Elliott Wave and Wyckoff Analyses. Their article is a fantastic read that reminds me of the days when I was a
student at Golden Gate University, taking the Wyckoff class there. It is simply titled: Comparison of Wyckoff and Elliott on AAPL.

Professor Hank Pruden, our chairman, has graciously contributed two articles and a book review for our reading pleasure. Hank has been a solid pillar of TSAASF over the years and we are very grateful for his contributions. The articles he provided are: People Talked About Richard D. Wyckoff, and System States of Pedagogy and the Action Sequence Method. The book review is on Robert R. Prechter’s, The Socionomic Theory of Finance. This is exciting for those of us who know something about Elliott Wave Theory as Robert Prechter was the one who wrote the famous book, The Elliott Wave Principle.

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2017 TSAA Spring Review

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  • Featured Article: Comparison of Wyckoff and Elliott on AAPL — By Ariyeh Schmeder, Jing Su,
    and Joseph Kwok
  • Featured Article: System States of Pedagogy and the Action Sequence Method — By Hank Pruden
  • Featured Article: Wyckoff Power Charting: Zim’s Group — By Bruce Fraser
  • TMA History: People Talked About Richard D. Wyckoff
  • Featured Article: From the Pivotal Perspective — By Jonathan Ravel
  • Chart Quiz: The Stock Market Update — By David H. Weis
  • Book Review: The Socionomic Theory of Finance — Hank Pruden reviews Robert Prechter
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